Musician’s concert showcases talent and benefits Creative Kids

For musician Donny Parenteau, putting on a concert featuring some of the province’s top Indigenous talents is an opportunity to support Creative Kids and help more children and youth facing financial barriers find their artistic passion.   

“I come from a family that couldn’t afford music lessons when I was a kid. Creative Kids didn’t exist then. I had to learn on my own and it took a lot longer,” he says. “All kids should have the opportunity to participate in an arts or cultural activity because it molds them into strong people and builds confidence.”   

Former Creative Kid is championing the program that changed his life

For Creative Kids Champion Cole Knutson, giving back to the organization that gave him the ability to explore different musical instruments matters to him. He wants all Saskatchewan kids, who face financial barriers, to have the opportunity to pursue their artistic curiosities and gain the benefits through their journeys.

Music lessons helps kids unlock unseen potential

When Adriana Sanchez was eight years old, her family unexpectedly received a piano as a gif t from a generous neighbor. Seeing this beautiful instrument motivated her to learn how to play. After six years of receiving music lessons, thanks to Creative Kids support, the piano top is now full of Adriana’s trophies and medals from music competitions.

Sisters on a path to success thanks to Creative Kids

Elizabeth and Emily Kelln gained many opportunities of growth thanks to the support they received from Creative Kids for voice and choir participation. Both sisters developed many beneficial skills that set them up for success as adults, as well as, helping them find a deep joy and appreciation of music.

Participation in dance sets kids on a path for success

Over the last ten years, Kimberly Parent has had 77 students benefit from Creative Kids funding to take salsa dance lessons at her studio, an opportunity they wouldn’t have had without the generous donors who give to Creative Kids in Saskatchewan.

“The kids that receive funding from Creative Kids are very grateful, humble and dedicated students,” says Parent, the owner of Saskatoon Salsa Dance Company in Saskatoon. “They are aware of how much of an opportunity it is for them.”