Removing barriers to cultural activities benefits youth in many ways

Making sure inner-city kids have lots of options and no barriers to participate in cultural activities is a priority for Dao Duong. Since he started as a Dream Broker in 2021, he has witnessed the strong impact that cultural teachings can have on children and youth.  

New Champions Resolve to Give Back Grows Deeper

“Over the last year, thanks to my involvement as a spokesperson, not only have I benefited by the mentoring and training I have received, but I have gained the realization that my experience and voice are important as I talk about what the support from Creative Kids gave me.”

Youth’s Confidence Blossoms in Art Class

Brandie Perkins, the owner of the Cathedral Arts School and Studio in Regina, believes in the power of the arts to change young people’s lives. She’s seen it first-hand.

Sisters See Dance as Key to Their Success

Thanks to Creative Kids, sisters N’Tanis and Kori Wuttunee were both able to take salsa dance lessons together. They credit the skills and opportunities they gained from their dance experience as the reason why they have already achieved so much in life.