Grassroots donors are one of our largest groups of supporters. Creative Kids resonates with donors of all ages!

A four-year-old Regina girl asked birthday party guests to pledge to Creative Kids instead of bringing presents when she discovered other girls her age could not afford dance classes.

A Julie Andrews fan sent us a donation in honour of Ms. Andrew’s birthday. What a cool idea.

One woman remembers how important it was for her to learn how to draw and paint as a girl, so she donates each year to help kids who can’t afford supplies or lessons.

We received a donation of volunteerism from a man who remembers asking for a piano every Christmas as a boy. After he was grown up, his mom explained, “even if we had been able to buy a piano, we never could have afforded to pay for the lessons.”

Whatever your reasons for donating, we’re grateful!

Please consider making a monthly donation. You can donate online at our secure web page.

Thanks to the support of SaskCulture Inc., 100% of donations go directly to our kids and donations over $20 can receive a charitable donation tax receipt.

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