September 7, 2016

It may seem a little early to begin a conversation about the fall, but this is important:There will be No October Application Deadline this year.

If you applied in October last year: Please apply at one of our earlier deadlines. Applications received in October cannot be funded.

August 19 Deadline -The best choice for anyone applying for a class that starts in September and follows the school year. The biggest bonus – families applying for this deadline will know before September 1 if their application was successful. Cheques will also be in the hands of the service providers by the first class.

September 23 Deadline – This date is a compromise to ensure children can be funded at studios that are closed until early September. We know there will be a slight delay between registration and knowing if families are funded, but it’s best way to still catch everyone hoping to take lessons that follow the school year.

Why we moved the October application deadline: Classes were 6 to 8 weeks along before we could announce funding results, and it was too much time to expect service providers and families to wait before finding out whether funding was available.

We will have an August and September deadline each year moving forward. Applications after the September deadline will not be funded. There will still be a December deadline for activities beginning in the new year, but it will not cover retroactive funding for classes that began in September.