About Creative Kids

Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC)

Establishing a new program that would support children and youth facing barriers to creative activities would not have been possible without the commitment, judgment and support of great community volunteers.  The initial steering committee set up in 2008 was made up of SaskCulture staff and several community volunteers who helped form the basis for what is now known as Creative Kids.  The volunteer members of this committee went on to form the original Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) in 2009.  Chaired by David Millar, who was the instigator of Creative Kids, the PAC was instrumental in helping to establish initial policies, adjudication frameworks and identifying partnerships, as well as reviewing provincial applications in the first five years.

After Creative Kids Canada officially became a charity of SaskCulture in 2016, the Provincial Advisory Committee was disbanded.  The volunteers who provided many hours to the creation of this new charity will be remembered for their commitment and dedication to establishing a program that would help children in need.