Request for Proposals – Creative Kids is Searching for a Website Developer

Request for Proposals – Creative Kids is Searching for a Website Developer

August 9, 2018

The deadline has now closed. Thanks for all who applied.

Creative Kids is currently searching for a website developer for the creation of a new website that fits our evolving needs.



RFP Release date: August 9, 2018

Closing date: Friday, September 14, 2018


Creative Kids Canada Inc., is a Saskatchewan-based charity that is grounded in the belief that access to artistic and cultural activities has a transformative impact on the lives of children and youth. Whether it is music lessons, dance training, visual art instruction, language classes or theatre camp, it’s been proven that participation in creative activities from an early age can have deep and profound effects that last a lifetime. The first of its kind in Canada, Creative Kids removes financial and social barriers to arts and cultural activities for Saskatchewan children and youth ages 4 to 19.


Creative Kids relies on the financial support of the community, including corporate sponsors, individual donors, grants and foundations, and special events. All funds raised are directed to enhance and improve the lives of children and youth across the province by getting them involved in the creative activities that already exist in their community. Our website is located at


We have two primary audiences:

1: Potential and Past donors: Our donors tend to be women over the age of 40, who have or had families of their own and they care about arts and culture in their community. They are active on Facebook and Pinterest.

2: Grant applicants. Applicants are families located throughout the province, who are in need of receiving the assistance that Creative Kids can provide them. Typical annual family income is approximately $27,000.


New Website Objectives:

Top objectives of our new website:

  • To generate new donors and maintain the interest of current ones. This is done through storytelling (such as our success stories) – through the use of videos, photos and copy. This website will connect to TheatreManager, a database where people can make donations ( TheatreManager can connect directly from the website to social media to purchase tickets or make donations. The database has the ability to collect information about our donors for our marketing and communication needs.
  • To serve as a place where families can get information, such as grant deadline promotions, our grant and how to apply for them. We are currently developing an online application system that will be featured on our new website (estimated completion November 1 or sooner).

Secondary objectives:

  • To promote upcoming fundraising events through the creation of an events landing page. The page will lead back to TheatreManager for registration.
  • To provide Service Provider Directory listing for applicants (Google Maps).
  • To have a portal where Service Providers can update their own directory listing.
  • To have a way for our supporters to stay in contact with us, such as a link to our newsletter subscription, a clear link to and from social media channels.
  • Fluid organization of multiple contents of varying importance. (i.e. at times we may be promoting a donation campaign, an upcoming application deadline, and a community fundraising event, as well as thanking a sponsor and advising about grant changes simultaneously)

Current Website:

Our current website,, is about 5 years old and no longer serves our needs as a growing charity.

1: The navigation is clunky and not intuitive. Employees even have a hard time finding information on our own website. We’ve also heard that it’s hard for visitors to find information that they need.

2: The CMS is not intuitive and not flexible. It is hard to make major changes to our website without possibly destroying a section. It seems that we have little control over the changes that are needed to be made to our website so that it could meet our current and evolving needs.

3: The display options are limited. We currently can’t easily add or take away a feature, such as the events bubble on our homepage – we are limited to two bubbles and if there is no upcoming events, we take down the bubbles and replace them with other content.

New Website Functionality Requirements:

Our new website will need:

  • An easy-to-use and flexible CMS (can make changes, add and take items away easily)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clean, visual design
  • Mobile-friendly
  • All applicable content imported from current site
  • Optimized with SEO best practices
  • Social media integration (share buttons, follow buttons, etc)
  • Email/newsletter update sign-up form (could be pop-up)
  • Phone number in click-to-call format
  • Scroll down format homepage with all of our important info is placed
  • Links to (or integrates) TheatreManager
  • Link to (or integrates) with new online application database
  • Service Provider Directory
  • Spotlight area (on homepage) for sponsors/donors
  • Prominent ‘Donate’ button
  • Blog feeds on homepage
  • Flexibility to keep branding efforts consistent across pages

Optional New Website Functionalities/Wish List:

We would also like to have the following on our new website, depending on how these elements would impact our timeline and/or budget.

  • Blog feeds throughout website
  • Google Map that shows where our Service Providers are located


Please provide the following in your proposal response:

  • Overview of your firm and the team
  • Overview of how you will meet our objectives and outline of website design and development strategy
  • Explanation of your proposed CMS
  • Proposed timeline from kickoff to launch
  • Recent design and development examples
  • References
  • Proposed budget

– Provide an itemized estimate of proposed project deliverables and expenditures

– Provide pricing with optional elements line-itemed

  • Please include, if you have any added suggestions or options, with associated costs


Please send your proposal to:

SaskCulture Inc.

404, 2125 11th Avenue

Regina, SK  S4P 3X3

Or electronically to:


Inquiries and questions regarding this RFP are to be directed to Shaunna Grandish at, or by phone: 306-780-9284.

** Please note that Shaunna will be away from the office August 20 – September 11. If you have any questions about the RFP during this, please contact Diane Ell at or at 306-780-9453.


We will determine candidates based on qualifications and knowledge; related work experience; understanding of project; availability and proposed cost. Candidates can expect a final decision by October 1, 2018. Expected completion of the website would be by January 2019 or before fiscal year-end of March 31, 2019.

Examples of website that we like:

  • The navigation at the top is easy to find and is easy for the viewer to find info.
  • The layout of the homepage – all relevant and important information can be found on homepage by scrolling down.
  • The homepage is clean with good use of photos at the top – the info is ‘stacked’, which makes it easy to find
  • Consistent branding and messaging on pages (ie the donate now box is on every page)
  • “Share Your Story” section – link can be found on footer
  • Easy navigation at the top
  • Very visual
  • The interactive, clickable boxes
  • Showcases multiple important items at once, easily categorized, and able to make some news items more prominent than others
  • Sharing buttons incorporated with stats bubbles (see human-trafficking page)
  • Social media icons at header
  • Instagram and Twitter feeds on homepage
  • Large Donate button on header
  • Homepage is very visual, has all important/relevant info on what is going on with the organization.
  • Social media share buttons on blog page