What we do and why...

We believe:

  • creative activities are fundamental to the positive growth and development of children and youth;
  • cultural programming is critical to a healthy vibrant community; and
  • all children and youth should have the opportunity to participate in creative activities regardless of economic barriers they may face.

The Need:

Saskatchewan has one of the highest provincial child poverty rates in Canada. As of 2020 — the most recent numbers available — more than 55,000 children have limited access to essential daily needs and opportunities for positive growth and self-esteem. Many of these families also have challenges, such as job loss or disabilities that make involvement in creative activities out of reach.

Besides basic needs to be warm, fed and clothed, we believe it’s important to feed the spirit. For a child or youth facing financial or social barriers to feel accepted and included, the longed-for chance to make music, paint, act, or dance can be life changing.

That’s where we come in.

When I received the support from Creative Kids to take dance lessons when I was ten, it really set me on a path for success that gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and to gain the confidence I was lacking at the time.

~ Emily Tang, Creative Kids Champion