Best of Both Worlds: Creative Kids Supports Multi-talented Youth

Best of Both Worlds: Creative Kids Supports Multi-talented Youth

April 28, 2022

Some Creative Kids have more than one creative talent. Thanks to Creative Kids support, one young student has been able to explore and nurture her interests in both music and dance over the past six years.

Lucia wanted to learn how to play violin since she was age five. That’s not all. She also loved to dance and really loved her ballet class. “Lucia needs to move her muscles to be happy and balanced. Gymnastic would have been a great option, but we decided on ballet,” says Sabine, Lucia’s mom. She also noted that after attending the Kindermusik program Lucia decided she wanted to play violin. “I am not quite sure where she got that idea from, but if you know her you would say, ‘yes, totally fitting’,” she explains, “Today, she loves violin and most importantly she is really talented.”

The talented youngster says dancing and playing music makes her happy and fulfilled.

While Lucia was able to dance since she was five years old thanks to Creative Kids support, Sabine put off getting her into violin lessons due to the cost of tuition. When Lucia was about to turn 10 years old, her mother decided to enroll her in a violin class, before it would be too late for her to start.

“Receiving some funding for Lucia’s extracurricular activities, which I know will make a big difference in her life, takes a lot of financial stress and burden off my shoulders,” explains Sabine. “I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to receive funding.”

Sabine is thankful for the Creative Kids program and to those who donate to the program so it can offer this kind of funding for children. “I deeply appreciate that the community understands the need and importance of what this program has to offer children and support their futures. I think it is really important to invest in our children as they are the next generation’s leaders and community builders. I cannot stress this enough: THANK YOU!”

Despite the pandemic, lockdowns and change in programs, many parents hoped their children were able to continue with similar routines. “Classes was something we (my daughter and I) were looking forward to, it kept us going. Movement for the body and music for the mind.”

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