New Champion’s Resolve to Give Back Grows Deeper

New Champion’s Resolve to Give Back Grows Deeper

April 17, 2023

In her first year as a Creative Kids Champion, Emily Tang realized that by sharing her story, she is helping others understand the importance of giving to Creative Kids, so that other children and youth have a chance to shine.

“Over the last year, thanks to my involvement as a spokesperson, not only have I benefited by the mentoring and training I have received, but I have gained the realization that my experience and voice are important as I talk about what the support from Creative Kids gave me,” says Tang, currently a Kinesiology student at the University of Saskatchewan.

Tang received support from Creative Kids from 2013 to 2016 and again in 2018 for dance lessons. The experience helped her understand why cultural activities are important. She says looking back at her experience in dance, she realizes she gained not only skills, but many positive attributes as well.

“When I received the support from Creative Kids to take dance lessons when I was ten, it really set me on a path for success that gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and to gain the confidence that I was lacking at the time,” she says.

She also credits the Creative Kids support of her dance ambitions for improving her physical and mental health, as well as, developing success-based mindsets such as perseverance and teamwork.

“It also helped me meet amazing life-long friends, and dance mentors. It sparked many passions in me, such as my dream of becoming a lawyer, joining the competitive Bedford Collegiate pom/cheer team in high school, and becoming an advocate for the mental and physical health of Canadians.”

Tang began her training as a spokesperson for Creative Kids last May and since has gained experience being interviewed, and telling her story effectively. “Since becoming a spokesperson for Creative Kids, my commitment to talking about the life-changing benefits of a creative activity will continue as I want people to realize how much their donations really can make a difference in the lives of Saskatchewan children and youth.”