For the Fifth year in a row, Creative Kids keeps kids dancing

For the Fifth year in a row, Creative Kids keeps kids dancing

July 8, 2021

Thanks to Creative Kids, a Saskatchewan family feels more connected to their heritage. Heather, mom of six creative kids, says that support from Creative Kids has allowed her kids to continue nurturing their dance skills, for the fifth year in a row.

For years, Heather had been looking for extracurricular activities for her kids. Having some Scottish heritage and a huge fan of Highland dance, she was inspired to enroll her kids into Highland dance lessons. However, paying for the lessons for all six kids was a concern. When she heard about Creative Kids, she applied and was approved for funding.

It wasn’t long before the kids fell in love with their Highland dance classes. “At first some of the kids weren’t really sure about it because they hadn’t done it before,” she says. “But, like me, after we went to Folk Fest, they really enjoyed it and they were so inspired. Their interest and enjoyment of the dance just grew from there and they love it. Every year they are just so excited to go back to dance.”

When asked how her kids feel when they dance, Heather says, “one of my kids said ‘dancing makes me feel happy.” And it does! The other said ‘I feel way better after I have danced.’ One of my other kids said, ‘I love competitions! They are so fun.’”

While Heather’s kids are not able to go into the studio for their dance lessons due to COVID-19, she says she is so grateful that her kids are still able to keep developing their dance skills and good friendships at dance lessons/videos via Zoom.

“It helps them to not feel so isolated. It helps them feel connected and together. Just to keep continuing the physical and creative activity is great!” she says. “It’s amazing, it’s such a blessing. We are so thankful to have been able to get into dance and to continue it, and to have this opportunity. It’s been so good for the kids. Thanks again Creative Kids!”