Creative Kids Support Bridges the Gap

Creative Kids Support Bridges the Gap

September 19, 2022

There are exceptions to boundaries when it comes to Creative Kids’ reach. Saskatchewan children and youth in border communities, such as Lloydminster, are not left out of the program support thanks to a service provider who is
bridging the gap.

This past year, there was increased interest for Creative Kids funding from families living in or around Lloydminster. The interest inspired one service provider from the area to take a more active role in assisting families to fill out the application and gather the necessary information.

Private piano instructor, Heather Onofrychuk is a Creative Kids service provider living in Lloydminster. She has been teaching piano for 20 years and recognized the growing need for support in her community. “I love working with children, for they have a genuine enthusiasm for learning and the insights they share are brilliant! It is so rewarding to help them progress in their creative journey.”

Onofrychuk learned about the Creative Kids program from a family, who had recently moved to Canada. The family had been approved for Creative Kids funding, and were looking for an instructor. She was impressed with the difference the program was having in the province.

“When I was introduced to Creative Kids, I admired the work they were doing to enrich the lives of children and felt it a privilege to be a part of it. Being a service provider has been a positive experience!” she says. “The Creative Kids program makes it possible for children to access opportunities for enrichment and growth that they would not be able to otherwise.”

Since recognizing the impact of Creative Kids, she continues to help others in need access the programas part of a volunteer group called Friends of the Performing Arts (FOPA).

Onofrychuk shares a story about one young student who she helped access Creative Kids funding. “The student really struggled with regularly attending school,” she shared, “but the teacher confided in me that the days this student had piano lessons were rarely missed.”

She adds that without the Creative Kids funding, “these children would not have access to the sameopportunities as other children their age. It is such ablessing!”