Sisters See Dance as Key to Their Success

Sisters See Dance as Key to Their Success

March 21, 2023

Thanks to Creative Kids, sisters N’Tanis and Kori Wuttunee were both able to take salsa dance lessons together. They credit the skills and opportunities they gained from their dance experience as the reason why they have already achieved so much in life.

“I still remember walking into the Saskatoon Salsa Dance Company for the first time and I fell in love with salsa dancing at my first lesson,” says N’Tanis Wuttunee, a recent grad from the Criminal Justice Program, Lethbridge College. “I am very fortunate that I had the opportunity to take part in dance companies growing up, learning important values that I still continue to use now. Dance was my ticket to success.”

In 2014, the sisters found out their application for support from Creative Kids was approved.

“At the time I didn’t understand our financial situation. My mother kept that away from my sister and I. We were a low-income family. Therefore, you couldn’t participate in much because you have to separate your needs and wants,” says Kori Wuttunee, who is now in her final year at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan.

Kori, began her lessons at age 13 and continued for four years, only leaving because she was accepted to the Bold Eagle Indigenous Military Program. Starting at age 11, N’Tanis danced for over six years thanks to the support from Creative Kids.

Both sisters overcame their shyness and became confident through their dance experience. They went on to compete and attend workshops internationally, gaining experiences they wouldn’t have had without the support of Creative Kids.

“Dancing allowed me to travel. When I travelled to Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, it showed me a different perspective. I learned that there is more out there and to be fearless when chasing my dreams,” says Kori.

N’Tanis continued dancing longer than her sister and went on to perform solos and choreographing dances herself, which resulted in a first-place medal at the Prince Albert Dance Off in 2019. She also won numerous awards and championships through her involvement in her high school pom/cheer team. That same year, she was nominated by her school for a SaskTel Indigenous Youth Leadership Award and won!

She contributes the values she gained through dance, not only for fueling her passions and dreams of becoming a police officer for the Blood Reserve, but also as key drivers of her dedication and motivation.

“Dance greatly impacted my life. I was able to learn the importance of teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, patience and commitment. If I had a chance to talk to my younger self, she wouldn’t believe where she is today,” says N’Tanis.

After graduating from a teaching program in April 2023, Kori has dreams of furthering her education, such as obtaining her Master’s degree. She is thankful that Creative Kids exists and goes on to add, “my sister and I would like to express our thankfulness and gratefulness for the support we received, as it helped us a lot with our growth and development. If it wasn’t for dance we wouldn’t be who we are today. It built our self-esteem and we were able to travel places doing something we love.”