Creative Kids’ Volunteer In Action: Paulette Atchison

Creative Kids’ Volunteer In Action: Paulette Atchison

June 15, 2017

Paulette Atchison has a passion for helping children in her Big River community. As an active, big-hearted Creative Kids volunteer with the Big River committee, Paulette personally has seen how Creative Kids can change lives right in her community.

Every year, the Ness Creek site hosts the Northern Lights Music Camp and attracts both the young and old (and everyone in between) who are passionate about bluegrass music. Paulette has been a very active with the camp over the past several summers and knows the difference Creative Kids can make on a young person’s life.

“Creative Kids fund children who go to this Camp, of which I’m part of, and I see first-hand the enjoyment and excitement of learning to play a musical instrument or taking a vocal class,” exclaims Paulette.

Paulette, who enjoys travelling, concerts and spending time with her family when not volunteering, says the benefits kids receive from taking part in art and cultural activities are enormous. She has seen positive changes in their self-esteem and confidence level. They also gain a sense of accomplishment that leads to a yearning to learn more.

“I’ve had children come up to me at the end of their Camp experience and tell me that this has been the ‘best week of their lives’ and that they hope to attend next year,” adds Paulette.

She encourages people to come and see for themselves the joy and impact Creative Kids has on children’s lives by attending performances featuring the creativity of Creative Kids funding recipients.

“The best part of being involved with the Creative Kids program is knowing that you playing a small part in bringing joy into a child’s life,” explains Paulette, “and hoping that experience will be a positive influence that the can carry with them as they continue to grow and evolve!”

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